I'm not really understanding why it's psycho?

At least he knows what he wants.

Which is A LOT more than you can say about most of the fucking men on this planet.

His expectations aren't anything that I would consider "way out there." Now if he said, you will bathe in pig blood once a week and parade around the neighborhood clucking like a chicken" then yea, I'd be like...hmmm. His requests aren't anything too demanding though.

Most of the shit he asks for are things that every woman should do anyways. I don't want a man who doesn't take care of himself, I wouldn't expect a man would want a woman who didn't take care of herself. Hygiene and otherwise.

Sleeping requirements, I sleep naked anyways, wouldn't bother me. I like to be naked. Much more comfortable that way.

As far as the sexy nighties/panties or whatever, I personally also like that kind of shit. It makes me feel sexy to know that my guy thinks I'm sexy. Hell, this dude is my match made in heaven.

What is so wrong with getting your expectations out there before marriage? At least she knew what she was getting into. It's not like he decided to drop this on her after they were married. No surprises. She knew what she was getting into. It is something that should have at least been discussed, in my opinion. All the expectations of the marriage. Will we have kids? who will cook dinner? how often will we eat out? who will take care of the bills? who is going to do what chores? ...it goes along with all of that kind of stuff.

This is the problem with American marriages today. People just jump the fuck in and then it's like "yea, so...we're married. Now what?" You should have all of that shit figured out BEFORE you get married, then maybe half of marriages wouldn't end in divorce in less than 2 years. If you know what you're getting into it wouldn't be such a damn shock.

Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

BTW...hi everyone. :p Haven't been around much, missed you Jews.
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!