I just don't get why someone would put together a list that is required to be followed. He's trying to manage her like he's a CEO or something that's what marriage should be like. The differences in character should be accepted, sure maybe she'll be yelling at the guy and the guy wants something to come home to but damn man all that should be done out of respect. To put some kind of list of rules... well this lady apparently accepted it which is nuts! She needs to lay down her law, like, "Mofo! I do what I want, when I want, and how I want it!!!" And that guy is just freaky. Anyone who expects another human being to follow a set of their rules for personal conduct is just sick. The point is not in her accepting of it (I think that's a little sick but whatever) but of his presenting of such a list. Maybe if she wrote the list for him and willingly followed it then it would be an average sick that you just accept, but damn.
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