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Man, this shit is sad; I'm glad to know my hard earned money is going to fund some fuckin child molester to sit in a cushy job and make 9x more than I am while the rest of my money is going towards the fuckin DoD not thinking ahead and blocking everything that people shouldn't be accessing... Jesus christ, step 1, NetNanny...
Well, Gizzy I have to say that, although I understand your thoughts, most people in the military do not have cushy jobs. I do agree that the steps the IT's (the people in the navy who do the network work) could take to prevent it all together are simple, it is the policy makers that inhibit them.
Secondly, Sintax, the way that the military does buisness has changed since you were in. Every person in the navy needs Internet acess now to be able to do anything. Our pay statements are online, our training is online, our tax papers are online. Even making appointments to get an ID card are made online. A common conversation every day goes:
"Where is that stuff I asked you for?"
"What Stuff?"
"I sent you an email"
"I haven't checked my email today"
"Well you need to check your email every morning, now go check it and get me what I asked for"
No joke, been there, yesterday as a matter of fact.
The problem is, no matter how much screening you do, the military is still a cross section of the united states, and now days Mexico, dominican republic, England, puerto rico every country that has us territory next to it's name or has a friendly relationship with the US, thier citizens can join. That means you get all kinds.
It is common knowledge that pedos act like everyone else and behave like everyone else, except for thier sexual preferences. Think about it, even before there was a "Don't ask Don't tell" policy there were gays in the military, they just blended in well.
D, world destruction
Over and overture
N, do I need
Apostrophe T, need this torture?-They Might Be Giants