Wrong wrong wrong wrong!!!!

Why do you need internet access? All you need is intranet access. A Global WAN(wide area network) could do all the things you described. For one, the millitary id cards on the world wide web. Come on!!!! WTF. I have seen the new cards with the smart chips and heard about much of what you mention. Email, websites, FTP, SSL connections, inventorie databases do not have to be on the world wide web.

I work in Fast packet WAN technology all day everyday. I know it is possible to have an affordable solution that would stomp out cyber crime, and better secure the DoD info. A private WAN. It is that simple.

We all know that any site can be hacked. In this day of terrorists, cyber crime and ex-KGB running the russian Mafia is it really a good idea to put every U.S soldier on the net? lol

all you need is 1 DS3 to minor bases 1 OC3 to major bases. Break out the T-1's for network hubs, various 1 gig ethernet LAN's tie in. Bam you are connected and private. Need to access from home? That is what VPN clients are for.
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