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Exactly my point. Google isn't inherently evil, and neither is Microsoft. Learner saying that Google is starting to become evil just because it has a diverse market is definately an overstatement.
/me pats shadow on the head.

Looky here. There is a patern to the markets they are getting into. There is a definate drive to dominace here. Do you realize how powerful a company has to be to take on Microsoft time and again to come out on top? Do you know much about the markets Google is geting into.

I am not talking Google earth here...

For five years now Google has been buying up dark fiber. They are now a dominate force in email, They are buying up key people on key projects in Microsoft(This is a microsoft tactic), They are now in VOIP one of the fastest projected growth fields in the tech sector. They are now fully registered with InterNic to sell domains, but have no plans to do so.

Lets look at it shall we?

Add this up

VOIP + Fiber + Satelite + email + Buying out competitions engineers + DNS registar + WIFI ports in every major city + Video

You do not see it do you? All major forms of communications are being divided up in this new tech world of ours. Google is already a MAJOR player and you hardley notice it due to Desktop search and google earth.

Do you have any idea how much business Amazon.com would loose if google decided to just take them out of thier search engine? About 30% daily. Now amazon is huge. Here is were I am coming from, once a company or person get so huge you now need them, it becomes dangerous.

Then you run into trust us! And "Now we will charge for this "service"." Google seems very nice and cool on the serface. Remember it is a company designed to make money. It is now a publice company with a board room and everything. It is not just the two guys incharge anymore.

When you are getting WiFi internet from google, using thier search, thier Phone, Thier email, Thier IPTV service... Remember they scan emails to provide ads. No one reads them though... Trust us. It is a lot of data on people for a company the specialises in data and how to mazimize its use. I do not think Google evil per say. But I think power corupts and the center does not hold.
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