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CitiFinancial is inviting customers to enroll via a toll-free number, 1-888-469-8603, in a free credit monitoring service for 90 days. It said it earlier enrolled the customers in a separate service to help prevent identity theft.
Wow 90 days they will monitor for free my credit. Oh wait, the crooks will know just wait 90 days now. Of course if this was a hiest I doubt this is a kid who wanted to buy the latest concert tkts. Do you think they might wait a couple years till the smoke clears then start running scams?

90 days free. Information on tapes? UPS? Citifinacial said fuck you customers on this one. This in my opinion is a blatent dissreguard for customer safety. Spend less than what we need and get thier money. UPS. What security did they work out with UPS? Did the package have GPS tracking? Nope you would have found it by now.

Were the tapes encrypted. Nope I highly doubt it.
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