IN A BID to show off how much more secure it is these days, the software giant, Microsoft, threw a party for its engineers and all the hackers it knew of who were not in jail.

The whole idea was that during the party, a hacker would try and turn over one of the more secure Windows machine. It took a few minutes.

According to ZD Net, the room went very quiet and "you couldn't hear anybody breathe".

Then the engineers started to get a bit miffed. One observer said they were becoming obviously angry at the demo hacking incident and were taking things personally.

According to outside security expert Dan Kaminsky who was there, he didnít know if it was going to end up with a massively adversarial experience or if this was going to be something that occurred in "collaborative mode".

No hacker was lynched, but Microsoft managers were really pleased that they got so cross. Apparently they had been trying for ages to make the engineers get annoyed for ages, with only limited success.

The MegaVole's Matt Thomlinson told ZDNet that he frequently makes similar entreaties to the engineers on the need for secure code, but he said his own lectures don't have the same effect.

Vole hopes that hackers will see the advantage of reporting holes in its code. After all, you get to annoy Microsoft engineers.