its not about regulating video games.
if it was, then they'd be going after more than one game.
if you've been following the posts on the boards, this is about the 2nd/3rd article relating to the banning of Grand Theft Auto to minors.
Each post covered the development of the case against the game developers (il post those links either toward the end of this post or when i find them).

the lobbyists want blood. they want to ban minors playing a game because of explicit sex scenes when there are reality shows on during prime time television (such as Big Brother ) where full frontal nudity and course language is encouraged because it helps us appreciate human behaviour!

once u read all articles ul find an almost vindictive pattern the lobbyists have against GTA.

im all for censorship to protect younger children, but when the average teenager is practising sexual acts as early as 15 years of age ( heres ur proof ) i think its quite short-sighted banning a game soley because of sexual acts.

this medieval attitude is encouraged by over-protective awkward parents and fueled by the lobbyists because when election time comes, its a nice thing to put on ur resume: 'fought for the protection of children'.

i say let the game be available and if the kid can afford to buy it (on their own), then he/she deserves to be allowed to access whatever part of the game they want.
and if its the case that parents are purchasing the game for their kids, they have a choice to make (THAT SHOULDNT have to be inflicted on the general population).

As for the guns comment. not once did i mention guns are sold at ur local convenient stores (altho some L.A gang members may beg to differ). i merely stated that if people are offended by the fact that people use guns to shoot each other (which i admit i am not pro-firearms), then by all means voice your concern. But dnt got all out to abolish the existence of firearms completely.

found the links relating to GTA on the UGN Security boards:

incidently, i also ran across this article on the boards.
how interesting it is that this program is graciously embraced by society, given its nature.
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