I am looking for someone to do the following:

1] A logo fitting the theme "Insanity Is Beauty"
2] An intro graphic that sits well with this introduction "insanity is freedom. freedom from the restraints of what is accepted by society. sanity is a prison, a prison I hope to never to be caught in. The view is beautiful out here, absolutely beautiful."
3] A theme matching these for PostNuke (phoenix release), haven't installed a theming engine yet, so go ahead and use your choice.

The Reward: $60 (30 for both gfx, $30 for PN theme)

Now I am an extremely picky person, but if I like your work, chances are I will pay you more if there is alot of changes I want made. This contest does not guarantee a winner if no work is satisfactory, but your works are yours and I will not use anyones work unless I have paid them the reward.