I've started an investigation into david_isis and found his following accounts.

name		email					Date Registered	Registered IP

david_isis	[email protected]			December 09   
adma		[email protected]			December 09
hp		[email protected]		December 09
goony		[email protected]		December 09
abc		[email protected]		December 09
send		[email protected]		December 09
123		[email protected]		December 09
haddy		[email protected]		December 09
jj		[email protected]		December 09
cd		[email protected]		December 09
hii		[email protected]		December 09
hj		[email protected]		December 09
we		[email protected]		December 09
dick		[email protected]		December 10
tt		[email protected]		December 10  
death		[email protected]			December 10
hell		[email protected]		December 10
warhammer	[email protected]	December 10
*@h900.fsworld.co.uk is banned
[email protected] is banned
[email protected] is banned

All accounts were deleted except david_isis and warhammer which were merely disabled.

David, if you wanna play the ban game with me, I'm willing. Just keep in mind it takes a heck of a lot less time to ban you then for you to create email accounts and register.
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