I created a 3D rotating cube...


Now this cube looks very pixalated to me in the flash animation. But I do not know how I can clean it up much more. Here is the deal.

Flash to my knowledge is not equiped to do 3D animation. So to do this I created an animation in Anark Studio ( http://www.Anark.com ), Now Anark has a plugin to allow your web users to see your animations in thier browser. The problem is it only works in microsoft's IE. I want everyone to be able to see this.

So I exported my very clean crips animation to an AVI file(can not export in *swf format), then in Flash I imported the AVI and exported an SWF file. Now there has got to be a better way or tool to do this with. Why Anark does not support the SWF file format is beyond me. Now I have Director MX 2004 but I do not know anything about it.
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