it works today...didn't work yesterday. Don't have dial-up anymore. have dsl now...and have had nothing but problems since.

edit: it looks good by the way, but I think you should slow it down a little.

edit again: I PMed you a more grammatically correct way to say the little blurb you have awhile ago. Why didn't you put it into use?

This blurb: About Us... is your all in one solution to put your business on the web. We can design your site, create your graphics, get your domain name, create custom scripts, get your site into the top search engines, create graphical animations, and host it all for you so that when it is time to do an update, we already know your site. If you are already a customer and are looking for reach us you can submit a ticket or try our other means of communications.
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!