Let a female shed some light on this topic for y'all.

First of all, if someone asks for your password, they are going to use it, and have probably guessed everything they can think of and couldn't come up with your password, that's why they're asking.

Second of all, you should never give your password to anyone, duh.

Thirdly, if a girl asks for your password, it usually means she wants to look in your email to make sure you don't have any email from girls, which inevitably you usually do, and then she can bitch about it for the next 100 years. (yes, we have very good memories when it comes to these things)

If she pulls the "oh, you don't trust me" routine, turn it back around on her saying she doesn't trust you because she wants your password to look into your email. (will most likely shut her up, "what? how'd he know that?") Then if that don't work focus on the "I can't believe YOU don't trust ME" blah blah blah yadda yadda, and then she will feel really bad (because obviously she really didn't trust you, and say she's sorry and kiss kiss and all that) It will probably come up again in a month or two.

In the meantime, make sure your password isn't something she could ever guess or find out. (combo of numbers and letters usually works, but I'm sure all of you already knew that heehee) Also, make sure your hint isn't anything she knows/could guess. I always loved the hint "what town were you born in" anyone who knows you would know the answer, I usually pick one at random and type a fake answer, or sometimes I put in my username. Either way, I have yet to forget my password so it doesn't really matter.

Girls on the other hand usually have very easy passwords to guess. I know a lot of people use their phone number thinking no one would ever guess that. Highschool girls have been known to combine their first name with the last name of whoever their boyfriend at the time is. :rolleyes:
Oh, and "love" though most places make you have a password that is at least 6 characters now.

Holy crap, am I long winded or what?
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!