Sometimes you wonder where the hell they get these numbers. How can a single entry to a database cost $25,000? Did the guy get paid 25,000 dollars a minute, for the minute it took him to remove it. He didn't violate the integrity of the file obviously, b/c there was no integrity.

As for LexisNexis, used to have accesss, god that is a wonderful thing for information junkies. 300,000$, That would take 11yrs with the most expensive subscription plan w/ is actually the lack of a subscription plan, its paying daily, which is obviously the most expensive way to go. You can't pay per article and subscription rates are cheaper.

Lamo altered a database of social security numbers and phone numbers of 3,000 editorial page contributors to include his personal information, resulting in more than $25,000 of damage, the complaint alleges.

A second count charges him with using an unauthorized access device by stealing employee user names and passwords to log on to the LexisNexis news archive service and run up more than $300,000 in fees.