i have opinions on everything. on this subject.. here's what i have to say:

1 - the RIAA can suck my dick (if i had one)
2- it pisses me off that people are getting trouble in for "piracy" and such. not just because i am an avid fan warez and downloading free software, but because there are so many more worse things that the government could be spending our tax money on. if you think about it, all of us have really paid our dues and deserve to be able to download whatever we like. look at how much we shell out each year to the government in the form of income tax! i figure with all that money that we are forced to just hand over, i've paid them enough to cover the costs of all my pirating. i'm sure all of us have. also, like i said. so many worse things going on in this country. we should be concentrating on USEFUL domestic policies. things such as public education, eliminating un-needed social programs like welfare and affirmative action. maybe even getting a decent policy for minor drug offenders.
we should also work on immigration laws, and more secure borders. oh yeah, the economy is pretty sshitty too. that needs to be worked on too, but do we? no. the government would much rather re-build a country we just demolished. would rather prosecute kids for downloading mp3s and software. the one question i really want answered is this: who, besides huge oppressive corporations, are the pirates hurting? nobody. they don't run around killing people, they aren't the ones responsible for the shitty education system, or the useless socialist programs. they aren't the ones squandering other people's money for stupid reasons. they really aren't hurting anyone besides huge companies that charge way too much for their products in the first place. perhaps the RIAA should set a limit as to how much a cd should cost these days. say..$7? i know i would purchase a lot more albums if they were that cheap. i think a lot of people would. that way they can still get money, and the consumer doesn't feel like they've just been ass fucked by the company they purchased the product from!

sorry, i realize that was a bit of a rant.. i could on for ever about topics like these. but i'll stop myself now. it just makes me mad that time, money and effort are being wasted on something as trivial as piracy. this country would be a much better place if we had our priorites straight and weren't ruled by money. it's a nice dream, but unfortunatly that will never happen.
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"