I hate the system. I don't hate all americans or all government employees. Like the scientists, the astronauts. Just because someone that dies and they live in America, doesn't mean I have to hate them.

Plus I probably wouldn't like any of these people, but it sucks when smart people die b/c they actually contributed, especially if astronauts.

Plus, check your facts. One was Isreali and there was another foreign-born person.

And I do hope that alot of troops die in IRAQ, I also hope they attack ppl over here. And I do hope 9-11 looks like a fucking picnic as Uday said.

Sorry, but when the US resolves to deal with NKorea (openly developed nukes, tested nukes, broke UN sanctions, and warned any country to give them aid) w/0 violence and with cooperation of other countries, you have to wonder what makes IRAQ (we gave them chem weapons, so we know they have them, no evidence they destroyed them), then there has to be ulterior motives.

So yes, I hope we get our shit rocked here. I hope we get our shit rocked there. Why? BECAUSE IT IS UNJUST OF US.

Is that what you wanted?