If it was me, it would be about image. We tell iraq to do this or that, and they refuse. The U.N. tells iraq to do this or that and they refuse. So that puts the world in a very funny position. Do we just keep on pestering them and look like pussies? We've been doing that for years. That should be encouraging for any other rebellious countries.

The other difference is that if we DON'T clean up iraq, then we risk more terroristical attacks. For instance we don't do anything until they actually use a chemical weapon - so that we have proof. Then we're stuck with another afghanistan where we have dead on our collective consciousnes, and need to find some proof as to who did it. We're not as concerned that NKorea is gonna launch terroristical attacks. Maybe declare war and throw around some nuclear warheads... that wouldn't be cool. But at least they're a solid nation that we are able to deal with. Iraq is less so.

In my speech, I'm not saying that I condone anything. But what I do see, is understand why things happen the way they do. At least I try anyway.
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