Grr... points out too many things.

1] Overcrowding of jails. If they have the death sentence, just kill them. We shouldn't pay taxes to provide for them and have jails overcrowded

2] If drugs like marijuana were decriminalized, this could never happen. And the majority of people in the jail, wouldn't have probably been there. Therefor no overcrowding in this case either

I got sent to jail once. I was in a holding cell with someone who beat the hell outta his daughter and wife, a rapist, a gangbanger, and an attempted murderer (stabbed someone). So needless to say, it sucked. And that was before the court date even. I felt violated that I got fingerprinted and mugshot. I had yet to be convicted of anything, let alone subjected to those conditions and people, when I could be innocent.

And I didn't go to court. Why? I don't fear a fine or hours of community service. I just don't feel like becoming someones bitch. I don't want to get assraped for stealing a CD.