I believe the figure is roughly 8 million dollars, er maybe 80 million...probably not though anyway, I think that's what it costs the taxpayers for people sentanced to death. why you ask? because we spend all those years they sit there trying to make sure that there is no way they could be innocent. The number of people killed each year I think is like 70 or so, like 400 people or so have been killed since they brought the death penalty back in the 70s I THINK, and maybe 1 or 2 innocent people have been killed...that's just what I think I remember, but it's been awhile since I've looked at any of the figures.

The reasons we can't just kill people sentanced to it are political as well as in the name of fairness and justice, or such is my opinion. We catch so much flack for killing people at this point, if we were to kill and innocent a hundred or so countries would have our ass for it. Not to mention that in this country it would go against our beliefs to unjustly kill someone....but my opinion is also that the latter reason is probably not as important as the former to anyone with power...
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