There is a huge difference between being in a holding cell and being sentanced to jail. You can be held for almost anything, but when they decide to charge you with a crime THEN, depending on the crime, you might be sentanced to jail time. When you are first picked up, before they decide what they are going to do with you, you are put into a holding cell. They can hold you up to 48 hours, I believe. This is where jon was most likely. When you get out of there and into the real jail most criminals are seperated. This teen was a drug dealer. The reason he was in jail wasn't for possesion if you read it. He is in jail for delivery, which was probably part of a larger charge which it was dropped down to. In British Columbia and other places where possession of marijuana is decriminalized, selling it is still illegal. So, decriminalizing possession of marijuana wouldn't of helped him.

When you serve jail time you have to pay to be there. When I served my weekends in jail I had to pay $30 a day. Even though I was only in jail for less then 48 hours each weekend they counted it as 3 days. I went in Fridays at 6pm, got out sundays at 12am. $90 every weekend. I was only served 5 meals that couldn't of cost more than $3. If your on work release you can only keep around 10% of your earnings. The jail keeps the rest. Your taxes really aren't going into jails as much as you think.