it is, it even was back in the sixties, a certain starting off star married his 2nd cousin 13 year old when he was of adult age. which is different indeed, and I did get down to the bottom, and go....

"Dozens of people packed the courtroom to hear Dixon's case, which has become controversial because he is black and the girl is white. Protesters have said Dixon would not have received such a long sentence if not for his race."

Bla, just like everyone else I'd imagine judging from Sin. Yea, 15 is molestation because I believe in georgia like most states the difference is 2 years if one of the ppl is of age so like 16, 18 or something. with the rape/molestation charge if this was a case in canada it wouldn't go I believe, just like in most of europe, different laws.

But is right about the counselor, lol all she just...tells the counselor, bet the sex was so good she had to go share:X Or...well wtf if he invited her to go to where she cleans up to fuck...I'd think she'd know what fucking is, and is not. So being confused, or feeling forced, or whatever. When your in control is liek...well liek most of the things where women say it was rape because half way through having sex they say STOP. I understand the stop if you don't want to, but when your fucking it's liek...yea.."instead of having a headache, I'll get off, and before he does I'll say stop, or I'll call rape on him." Meh Ppl today are doing the stupidest shit, dood there will probably go to jail for 10 years because she did get scared after, for no reason but confusion, and went to the counselor(which is what ppl do when their confused, then the counselor gets their claws in them, and warps it till they get shit said the way they want to hear it. Heh...I had...alot of expierence with counselors in school lets say:/ kekeke). Meh I know it's not all that simple, but it is that fucking complex, that it's not as simple the other way, as saying this is this, and that is that. with deception, deceiet, lieing, media, tv, your 10 seconds of fame, money. All that...ppl will do just about anything insane, and psycho for attension. So really no one knows what their talking about when they say shit on topics fed by the media, including me, unless it's a mainstream view. Something that is fluid, that's not specific to an event that is in question. Just metaphors of situations, how ppl fuck each other over, and why those ppl should pay for it. Say dood does go to jail, gets raped 50 times, and killed for his mash potatos. What happens to the girl? Meh, she leads her life however she wants to, one of many ways. All because dood couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

I have no real objection, or agreement on any grounds, I just find it fuckin sick that the world goes this far, that it's this fucked up already.

Anyone else feel that?

(it's the bell chiming of when the earth needs to evolve something else to kill the human virus out, because we can't stop bickering, and fucking each other over long enough to progress to the needed stages)
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"