well basically digital geek and silent rage summed up my feelings on the subject, people wont leave this clone alone everyone will know that it is a clone due to the media and it is a baby right so lets say you send it to a normal public school kids are pests who love finding fault in someone and just making fun of it. I see no possible way of the clone ever being treated like a normal child it might not be subject to excessive experiments but it will still be experimented on to a certain degree after all what would be the point in making it if you couldnt study it. I really think most people would agree that the world isnt ready for cloning we still have many many problems to solve. I'd like to reffer to the most famous book about a human creating life...Frankenstein, and we all know how that one turned out.

there is no reason to clone an entire human being other than to prove you could do it and with the enormous amount of potential for things to go wrong with that it seems just incredibly stupid to me that scientists are doing it
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