odd that their doing this the same time their doing creation testing on mini black holes through cern at the largest linear particle accelerator in the world. If people would notice were on earth, a sphere in space/time, things not only flow in a round inertia field, but in a spherical one. Earth bends, and twists space. That defines our time. Thought on things orbiting earth, just make me thing of the moon, it's still in the earths space field. Thus time field. Either way, we've never gone farther then it...in my knowledge.

Say their testing on black hole creation, works, say they don't realize or tale into account, were not a freakin solar system with a collapsed super nova, the pure speculation that the life of a sun, the placement of it, doesn't matter in the origin, and workings of a black hole is idiocy, when you think about simple things like the heat from a sun in place of our moon, vs 2 planets away. Either way, I hope to whatever, that were not going to unleash some horrible shit in the next coming years.

Anything from war, to dimensional tears, to multiverse paradoxes, to whatever...I don't think anyone but people like Einstein pondered the realness of how we as human kind just jump in the seat, half-cocked. All the time thinking that scientific percentile is 90%. When it's really more like 20-30%, and were lucky as hell.

mm but what do I care, except for that we need a bit of history to inspire some motion to our ocean here. Some WWIII going on, so we can all just move on, and throw away the stupid shit. Just a for instance, we keep history, why? To remind us, instill morals bla bla. Without it? We choose, based on the here, and now. Why like the past denote our future? Cause that's what we do. I say burn the establishment. It's obvious what is needed, if we want to keep fantasy books, field study books, whatever. If we want to keep these we just take the history out of them.

Their then left with a shell of data, all pure science, no Einstein said this, Kepler did that, this Rosen obsession. I'm talking all of it though. Have the only source of history be religion. Over time religion WILL die. It started quite a while ago, and it will die down to a small percentage. Some may keep records, maybe not, but people jump bandwagons, they want change, and a better life for the most part. Life without religion, with race, or creed, is one where were all equal, but not constantly changing, bitching about, and proclaiming this historical RIGHT to whatever.

I really believe, and I could argue to my death about burning the past. To make a better future. But really those debating it, are just fighting change, they don't want it, they fear it, and in all reason they want this sense of frailty, this disconnection from a unity. They don't want a utopia, or less crime, or no need for government. Just peaceful hierarchical systems. They want, anarchy. In a anarchic world, one with chaos, and with constant tries at piece, everyone has a chance. Everyone can do whatever they like.

In a world without this, people aren't forced to do anything, they feel, and want to so much that they lose control over what is wrong. They do what is right. For the people, for children, for loved one's, for themselves. Heh, John Lennon, a great man. The only person to sum it up so easily. The first time I heart that song, I cried.

yea so that's my piece I give, my peace I give.
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"