Ha. Bush may be bad, but think: What would Gore have done about 9/11 had he been in office? Scary thought but I certainly don't want Kerry in office. Rumor is that if he does take office that he would make our troops call back before return-fire in the war. This can only equal death. My brother is a marine in Iraq right now because of Bush. Nothing would please me more than calling all our troops back. I don't see why we don't fix our own nation before trying to save the world?
Moore is a complete moron that twisted the facts in his favor. And that is NOT a documentary. My god, even the local news went in a review the movie and found multiple errors! There's no doubt that he will be gunned down in a year, because he has pissed off far too many republicans.
Where I work, I do non-profit fundraising for the democrats so I get a face full of politics everyday.
This is crazy.
Screwing a system near you.