Aight anyways Curse you are funny with the Gril Scout thing and blackpimp needs to think a little. U know what i am sayin and backslash too i bet all of u are white people who dunno what life is lyk. After a while of seeing other people suffer u dont wanna suffer so its lyk ok be tough thats all it is and i ain't bitchin on anyone blackpimp i was just surprised that you lived so far away basically a compliment u know so dont be all sayin i shouldn't live because if I weren't meant to live i'd be dead just lyk everyone else in WTC especially being so near it. And backslash i hate u more than anything. Y u gotta say shit lyk that. A lot of people like u are very ignorant and yo should think about wat i say I bet you never had a stinkin problem in ur life and think ur the boss of everyone because u are ALWAYS right. Because i know a lot of good people and i am far beyond shallow u just say dat cuz i am very "deep" ok dats y i dont dress lyk other sluts showing their thongs and their ass and showing their UTERUS ok becuase its not right ok now that is shallow. AT least i have real goals in life and priorities! I have a really huge goal in my life that i can't tell u about because the government checks up on the bulletinboard ok! So shut the fuck up Backslash cuz u are my enemy but i dont hate blackpimp so much because i only have an attitude when someone starts pissin me off! Thank u and that is all i have 2 say!