Damaris, if you have goals in life, why are you apart of a gang? Maybe me and you have two different deffinitions of "gang". When you say you are in a gang, I think of red bandanas, a bunch of little kids/teens who fawn over an older "mentor" type person. They are usally involved in some form of crime, and they kill or injure other gang members for coming in their territory.

People who live outside of New York City go through hardships too, you don't have to grow up in the projects to have problems, although alot of people tend to create their problems.

And another thing, there are alot of non-white members of this board. But you are the first to try to use it as ground in an arguement.

You are probably familiar with stereotypes, I think the reason ohfuk and BackSlash said the things they did is because you seem to fit perfectly into the stereotypical 13 year old girl preppy/thug catagory.

If you want we can further discuss this on AIM, or the UGN Security IRC. My AIM screen name is 'Curse Of UGN Security' and I am on IRC in the afternoon and at night(EST). And at the bottom of the Board's main page is a link for the chat room(IRC).