alright.. i know everyone has bitched about her already.. but i just have to throw my 2 cents in. Maybe it'll make some kind of difference.. my being a girl too i mean.(although i highly doubt it.)
* i just wanted to say that what you said about moving on is totally disrespectful. a girl was fucking murdered! that's what this whole topic was supposed to be about! so don't tell any of us to 'move on' because it's a fucking tragedy.*
damaris: first off.. lets start with English 101:
like is the correct spelling. also.. "dat" is not in our language.. it's actually "that"
"aight" also not a word. why not try replacing that with "alright" at least try to sound half intelligent. then maybe people won't laugh at you so much!
next, you know what? just because a person is white does NOT mean that they don't know pain. it does not mean that they have not suffered. everyone suffers... just in different ways. i garuntee.. you wouldn't last a day living in my shoes... and i have a fucking great life! i never have to worry about money... never have to worry about anything.. except my health problems. but those alone are overbearing. but ya know.. maybe it wouldn't be as bad for you... i've noticed that the less intelligent a person is, the less likely they are to be depressed. *proven fact also* probably because us smart people realize what the fuck is up and know it's not going to get any better.
about your "goal" in life... since apparently its "top secret" and you can't tell us (like we care anyway) because the government checks the webboards.. hrmm. .could this possible be something illegal? wow.. what a goal. its pretty much like you saying "hey! my goal in life is to be a dumb bitch that knows nothing about how this world works!" oops.. i forgot.. that's one goal you've already attained
i wouldn't brag about being a mexican either. that doesn't mean that your life is worse than us white folk. it doesn't mean that you've had to deal with some of the shit that we have. plus.. you're on 13! wait 'til you're 20... then come tell me about how life is. because right now.. you don't know shit. you haven't even lived enough to know about anything.

blahh.. k.. i'm too pissed now. i should go smoke.

"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"