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look flesh its called simpler writing aight i dont feel lyk thypin all da letters its internet talk incase u haven't heard of it and all these 6 million people have noe goal to become legal residents aight so they might have mroe goals and my family is bigger than 100 ok so i think i know way mroe ppl but i'm not lame enough to count everysingle perosn i know.
alright, id try to argue but these misspelled words dont have one legible sentence. i think shes saying that not one of the 6 million illigal mexican imigrents actually want to become a legal resident but apperintly they have 'mroe' goals. like living off of wellfare untill they get enough money to bring their family over maybe? please damaris tell me what their goals are. anothering thing, everyones family is biger then 100. assuming you were born(i hope thats not too big of an assumtion to make), you have parents, who have parents, who have parents....etc. i dont really know why having more then 100 people in your family is somthing worth mensioning but i also dont know how having 2 parents that arnt divorced matters either. what do these things prove? nothing. by your standards i too will one day be president, i too will be rich and famous. i do have over 100 people in my family, and my parents arnt divorced. does that make me a better person? dont thing so.