Heh, thought id stick my opinion in. I just read through every dam post an know my head fucking hurts. My sister is a 13 year old gansta member and so are all her freinds. Well atleast she was. We have 3 main gangs -
Bloods - Red Bandana
Crypts - Blue Bandana
Black Power - You guess it, Black Bandana
I used to laugh at her and think how pathetic she had become. For a while she joined the crypts and all she did was drink and get in trouble with the cops. You think it made her any kool or any smarter? Fuck no. She called me a "social reject" just because i didnt go out on the weekends and drink till i puke all over myself.

my parents are divorced, and that dont make me any less of a person then you, if anything, its made me stronger. you dont have to be black to know wat life is like, im only 15 so i havent seen shit, but i know what its like, my parents are divorced, ive lost one family member to cancer and one to old age. 2 of my freinds tried to kill themselves atleast twice. my mum suffers from depression, or so i assume, *remembers of the medication bottle he found*, we havent got heaps of money, and we used to have alot of trouble paying the bills, though its gettinmg heaps better, and thats obsolutely nothing compared to what other white folk have been through. So DONT tell me we dont know what fucking life is about. Though, im not a hugely emotional person, i see things to logicaly to bother me, for some reason i dont always feel sad or cry when these things happen to me, i dont have a religion, though im happyy with my life, we have enough money to live, my family loves me and i love them (especialy my mother), its not all bad.

When i read the thing about the girl that got killed (what this topic is about) it disgusted me. she was 15, she hadent even lived, she had a whole future ahead of her. to think what those guys did to her and how you can just blow it off as nothing. sure it happens everyday, but when it happens to someone you know, then it becomes a part of your life. luckily noone i know has been murdered, but if that happened to me i would be fucking devastated, it would freak me out.

and that shit about how you could just kill your friend? fuckyou, cause your not a very loyal friend, are you like a fucking skitzo or something?