lol yeah ^^
My point was they didn't do there job in the first place and when someone points out a flaw you can't just say i'll arrest you... If you think about it thats how microsoft get all there patches out, they don't find them themselves people tell them what idiots they were.. they could unleash a take down all windows boxes like blaster did.. But the fact is companies need hackers like lamo who do pen testing and don't try takeover or destroy data.. Why prosocute those who help you.. i could understand if he tried to get information on there employers etc.. and use it, like an id thief.. but he was just hacking.. without malicous intent
But i think the only reason nytimes is doing it, is because the social secutiy numbers of the contributors were seen by him.. and they are scared little kids
The wise make mistakes, the fools repeat them
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