Good article, but I dissagree. If I read this right, this guy is saying no hacker has thought to use hacking to make money till this year...

I allways thought the itallian mafia was the worst one. Wana know why? It's the one you hear the most about. The Russian mafia not so much. To me that says they keep on the down low better.

Hacking is more and more and more a media buzz word as time goes on. First off most of what he says isn't hacking. It is a conartist talking through a computer.

Now the guy who was spaming and owned I think it was over 10,000 boxes. yea okay. He had a trajan and owned them. /me gives lazy clap

I belive there have been "Pro" hackers before now. What he describes as mindlessly downloading scripts we here at UGN Security have called script kidies for some time now.
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