Under the new arrangements civilian government employees and journalists can be prosecuted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Well that just about does away with those pesky whistle blowers now doesn't it. In case many of you have not noticed we are moving toward a Militant state. The Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, The Military Commission Act of 2006 all lead to a goal. As it stands right now the bill of rights is voided out. I shit you not.

I have faced UCMJ while serving in the US army. Keep in mind to every officer the president is their commander in chief. Lets do a what if shall we?

Reporter A breaks a story Bush was behind 9/11, that what hit the pentagon was not a plane but was a cruise rocket. (Thats just crazy talk(Unless you believe the truth)) Lets say Bush is pissed about this truth coming out.

He has Reporter A thrown in jail to face UCMJ. Then through the chain of command he say throw away the key. Yes Mr President is all he would get, or that officer faces UCMJ.

In a military court you are guilty till proven innocent. Many of the rights you have in a civilian court or null and void. Forget it, you will probably find out soon enough. I mean the next bill probably covers the rest of civilians since no one will raise a stink over this one.

And if you go by the MAC Military Commission Act of 2006 he doesn't even have to give you a trial so long as he calls you a combative. A Combative is so broadly defined to allow our commander in Chief flexibility. For you hard Right wingers, Democrats will have these same powers when they get in. Of course if you are a right winger you still believe there are differences in Republicans and Democrats. They are all Republicrats.

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