You do not need the cooperation of thousands. You just need top key figures. The Air traffic controller that day who talked with the media also was the Air Traffic controller that talked to the media on the flight TWA 800 The plane that just blew up in 1996. That explosion had witnesses that say they saw a streak of light move toward it. The official story is it just failed or some crap.

See I think like this. A few odd coincidences okay, sure. But literally hundreds? First off the official story probably what you saw in your documentary doesn't hold up if you know the science. Steel could not possibly melt at the temperatures that were in the building. The fire was not out of control. The Fire marshal had made it to the fire and said he would be able to put it out. lol He was standing right in front of it. There is video of people standing right at the holes in the building looking out. Must have been real hot. Mind you they are just walking around. Not jumping, not running. Just standing there.

Black smoke is a sign a fire is smothering, white smoke is what you get with a hot well fulled fire. Traces of Thermate[url] has been
found at ground zero by Seven Jones who tested it to be sure by third party labs.

Look at the molten metal poor out of the WTC

Why would they do such a thing? Glad you asked. [url=]Project for the new American Century
This administration had planed to invade Iraq and Afghanistan before 9/11 ever happened. See in the next 20 years the US will run out of oil in our ground. Iraq is the 2nd largest oil producing nation in the world. The Caspian Sea in the middle east is the richest area with regards to oil.

Almost as soon as we landed in Afghanistan we started building an oil pipe line from north to south. We had plans to do this before you see. But news got out about how mean the Al Qaeda were. All kinds of human rights groups got involved. We couldn't do business with them now that this is out. I mean we are the leaders of the free world here. We had to over throw them you see.

So the plan is drawn up. If we do not position ourselves to have a sustainable oil supply by 2010 we will be in big trouble. We need to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Here you will need to see this.

It isn't just getting to the oil. See you have to safely get it back here. If you look around the map you will see we are not in the safest area in regards to US allies and such. So you need a pipeline through the now US 'liberated' Afghanistan and Pakistan which is now allowed to do business with us again... Yippy. The oil from Iraq can be pumped out and shipped through the US friendly Turkey, then loaded to ship in the Mediterranean sea and distributed to US friendly Europe states and the US.

There is just one hitch. The US civilians always protest war. Damn hippies. What we need is a Perl harbor type event. I shit you not that is a quote from a "Project for the new American Century" document. The patriot act was written before 9/11 ever happened.

There was an agenda here. It would take a tragedy to bring that agenda to life. 3 buildings fall down and people scream out you must do something. Please avenge their deaths.

There is still no proof Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. There aren't any WMDs. We still have not captured Bin Laden. Not only that... The man who masterminded the worst attack on American soil is not a top priority? Why is that? I know why, because he didn't do it. He is the scape goat that was paid very well to go along with it.
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