Part of my skepticism on your theory of a secret organisation bent on globalisation is because the protests against meetings of groups like the G8 and the World bank make it seem like a bad thing. But is dissolving borders in politics and economy so bad if it unites the planet?

So far I can't see it working, well at least not in Lennon's "Imagine" image, so is it even possible?

If it did work then maybe it would be for the best.
Unless of course it ended up like the book 1984. But even then perhaps this step towards a police state is just making it easier for another organisation to unite the world for ethical and morale reasons and not money and power. That is, the secret cult is doing the work for something more positive.

With all the world religions and political factions, this will never work. People are just to educated today. We would see it coming.
I don't think the EU is going to let it happen or even want it, I don't think China and India would be assimilated. Its a stupid idea some power hungry self absorbed Americans came up with. The most they can do is continue to exploit the middle east and later Africa, and it will be so slow to wash through these land masses that by the time its done the other one will have became anti-American again. I mean the Taliban is back in Afghan and Iraq isn't going to succeed. Sure some guys are making a mint from all the warring, but I think that just like all the ancient and modern 'commanders and chiefs' that tried to take over the world failed so will this one.