Plain and simple... We are going to war with Iran. They will build support slowly for this. Using of course fear. There will no doubt be another terror attack (Us Government sponsored that is) on the US. This will be used to justify invasion. We must control Iran in order to access the oil we want in the east.

Nations needed will support us. Iraq has US troops on hand to back us up as does Afghanistan. Ships are already in the sea there. This is a done deal people. The 20,000 more troops we are sending may be in prep of a build up. Check it...

Map Key
red square boxes - Nations of interest.
Thick yellow lines - Sea routes to ship oil to Europe and the US
Thick Red Line - Oil pipe line the US constructed or is constructing now in afganistan
Think lined red oval - Recent years discovered oil around the Caspian sea
Thick purple lines - Places US interest is at risk Due to Iran being near by.(I forgot to add Afghanistan border)

Look at the middle east I screen capped from google earth. You will quickly see why we must fight Iran or fund a over throw. The US is set to exhaust all of our own oil in about 10 to 15 years. Brittan will soon follow, then China and so on. Oil is energy. It is goods such as plastic, heat, clothes, paint, ink, and medicine

The US looked at the playing field years ago and knew we would need to find a cheaper way, better way to get more oil(think energy) They needed a way to get to this new found oil. To ensure their interests were secured. So they went to Afghanistan and wanted to build an oil pipe line.

Long story short, it could not be done with Al Qeda running the country. After 9/11(I will leave my view on that out for this) they now could over throw that government and put in place a new one that was much better for putting a pipe line in.Now they can pup oil from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan valued at over 3 trillion dollars in todays prices and safely pipe it south to be shipped back to the US and to Europe. But there is a better in terms of logistical way.

See the other thick yellow line to the north east? That goes right by Europe before you cross the Atlantic. The big problem with all this is Iran. lol

Iraq is the 2nd largest oil producing nation in the world. Okay we have that nation. The skirmishes are in the eyes of those with this plan good. It keeps us in Iraq longer. So we can drill in Iraq and get it pretty close to the Mediterranean sea. But th best route is through Syria. And Syria is allies with Iran. Both hate the US. If we could topple Iran Syria is our bitch for the taking.

We can not go further east as that is further to ship the oil and the allies start getting more scarce from our far east conflicts. Not to mention China could exert more influence and make our lives hell.

Pipe it through Afghanistan into Pakistan then out to see, and/or through Iraq into Syria out to see. I missed a few other purple lines now looking at it. Here is another color map of the middle east to compare with.

The US is setting it self up to remain a super power in the coming decades. If you can accept that, then 9/11 becomes suspect as all world politics seem to be affected by this event.

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