Yes I do think that. Here in the states I have read about engines that people have made and patented that get 100 miles to the gallon by compressing fuel and turning it in to a gas instead of a liquid. one can see where both would make fuel more explosive cutting back on the need for as much. It is not un-heard of to hear of the oil company going in and buying the patent never to be heard of again.

As for why not run the pipe line through those countries. This new found oil will be OPEC free. The pipeline will be further west than is shown in the image above. The oil is to the west. They would have to go across the Caspian sea to go through turkey and such. It is cheaper and faster to cut through Afghanistan Pakistan.

I made a new map of the eastern region. My last one was cut off. But here you can see the pipeline is red. The blue dots are US military bases in Afghanistan. BTW this is not 100% accurate, it is a kind of guesstimate on locations. Now I outlined where IRAN poses a risk to the plan of pumping out the oil. Basically all along their border. The grey circle at the top is where oil has been discovered.

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