IDE is a dying technology, SATA is much faster.

You know the flat ribbon cable that connects your hard drives? Each IDE channel can support 2 hard drives (or CDRW's).

Basically, it's only good for use on cdrw/dvd drives; i'd go with 2 dvdrw's (only like $30 or so each) and then a couple of SATA hard drives.

lol we have a lot of discussions, it's in the eyes of the beholder; I myself like the AMD's because more manufacturers build better tech for them; this is the best motherboard for the money, and it supports a dual core amd processor which is quite affordable.

lol buy 2 500gb hard drives, they'd probably still be less in cost to the one 750+ gb hard drive.

Yes, I am ordering from NewEgg constantly; low prices, great reviews on both services and they list customer reviews on products.
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