I own a ipaq 4150, it's a 400mhz 64 ram, 64 ROM, built in blue tooth/wireless(802.11a/B I guess). I surf the web, scan over a 200 ft radius war walking, and driving with it. the lilon lasts about 4 hours on wireless days with the 5 minute non use suspend. it has a reboot for freeze ups, touch sensing, hot buttons I can play pinball with, I have ie outfitted with flash, a Java vm, I stream video, and audio. Shoutcasts are great on a pda. ESP with wireless walking along in my house or on a campus or near a hotspot listening to great music or talk shows. Yea basically their use is endless.

Somebody made a ce prog to compress a dvd into 128 megs or actually less then that for a wide screen sideways pda viewing of dvd quality dvd's. So on say a 256 meg SD you can carry two 1 1/2 - 2 hour movies, and sync to a pda to transfer a new dvd easy. the battery with wireless off could run both movies easily I believe but then planes have airline power adapters for your dc to airline convertors, now don't they. Very cool ideas, esp even linux ce, and tries at pda sized linux. One I saw looked very promising not to long ago, xfree on a pda. But you need a embedding board, and heh yea..all that costs a bit imo.

Too be simple just shout out your with it, and wonder why the web/technology isn't conforming more to pda use. Like IBM Microdrives, or mini cd drives for storage would be elite to load slackware ce on a boot cd when I get board of win ce, and mess around with shell/xfree. Having the bulk of what your doing being stored on a space you take of the 64ram or whatever you have to store with. Say you have a 128mb SD, and a mini-cdr in your pda. Boom 128megs of storage for fun. All just ideas. But what's everyone think?
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