Hello, ok well I´m working on two projects for C++ and I was wondering who can help me out finish my project...It would be awesome I just need ideas, because I got stuck...thanks in advance...ok here they are:

I got stuck somewhere, but would like to know how would you write it..(i know I´m still learning \:\) )hehe..

1) During the summer your 6 year old sister asks you to help automate her lemonade stand. She wants to use the family PC to compute and print the bill. She sells a cup of ice for $0.25, a small glass of lemonade for $0.60, a large glass of lemonade for $1.00 and a cookie for $0.45. The interactive input/output should look exactly as shown below. Everything shown is output produced by the program except for the numbers (1, 1, 2, 4, 10.00) typed by the user in response to the prompts.

Enter number of cups of ice: 1
Enter number of small glasses of lemonade: 1
Enter number of large glasses of lemonade: 2
Enter number of cookies: 4

Total Amount Due = $4.65
Enter money paid: 10.00

Lucky Lucy’s Lemonade Stand Bill

Cups of Ice
Quantity=1 Cost=$ 0.25
Small Glasses of Lemonade
Quantity=1 Cost=$ 0.60
Large Glasses of Lemonade
Quantity=2 Cost=$ 2.00
Quantity=4 Cost=$ 1.80

Total Amount Due =$ 4.65
Money Paid =$10.00
Change Due =$ 5.35
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