I am not looking to hack anything just reverse engineer a java script to get my Transcender login and password. Let me digress for a moment

This school that I was going to was suppose to offer A+, Net+, and other computer certificates. When I go to the in class portion (by this time about 35% of total class time has transpired) I find out that they are teaching us ETA's certifications not CompTIA (A little false advertising)! I raise some hell and they finally get approved to test CompTIA certs and then start teaching them but by this time the class is now halfway through. I have a time line because I am not sure when i could be moving so I started to raise hell again letting them know that what they did was unacceptable. Their proposal was to extend class and as i said i am on a time line and i can not extend. Anyway so they broke their contract a few different times (among other unprofessional things that they did. For a school that i paid close to $13,000 they fell short of any and all expectations i had for a college with that kind of tab) and I dropped the class.

Now they are saying i am only going to get back approximately 55% of my total tuition putting me out for the other 45% for something they screwed up. I am in the process of sending a letter letting them know that me and some other students are upset and if we do not receive a full refund then we are going to sue them for a material breach of contract. Anyway back to our story

The school paid for a subscription for each of us to a place called Transcender.com. They offer a lot of quizzes to prepare you to take the actual certification test. They tied the login and password to the site through the "college's" site through what i think is a javascript. Since technically i paid for the subscription and they fell short of what they said they were going to provide in terms of schooling and now denying 45% of my refund i was wondering if there is a way to reverse engineer the javascript to retrieve my login and password.

On a side note why are you against teaching others or providing others illegal or unauthorized access to a "site, server or application" but then have a forum description of "Reach out and rob someone". Isn't robbing someone also illegal? But you are willing to talk about it. Is not stealing phone service through various colored boxes illegal in the law's eyes? Where do you draw the line?

I am also trying to revoke the schools accreditation among other things so it isn't like i am not trying i am just trying to get what i technically paid for. The school's website is aesa.com

Sorry if there was any confusion in the previous post.