Sorry, but I'm not authorizing anyone to "teach" you how to "reverse engeneer" the javascript; sure you may have paid for access to these services, but it isn't your login... Again, go through the BBB and your creditcard company, bitch up a storm, but I'm not going to hold your hand and tell you how to hack into their system to grab login credentials which likely are just a "global" account for them.

Also, don't try to go through and tell me that you paid for services and deserve it; I'll give it to you; they did something rude and crude... But again, stealing their login credentials to this trancend site is still doing something that can be mallitious as if it's a global account with a user cookie you'll still have access to this site once your login expires. Retaining access to this trancend site will in no way impact the services you where ripped off from; instead it'll be ripping off the trancend site as you'll have access to their material without paying.

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