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Next we started loosing rights to our own bodies. They tried to make alcohol illegal, made cocaine, heroin, marijuana illegal. My research led to an interesting find. The drug makers lobbied for this. That competition got tough, so the lobbied to make drugs illegal and then could send the law after their competition. Not to mention the price shot up over night.

Monsanto brought us Agent Orange, PCBs and now puts hormones in our cows that lead to cancer and fully developed 8year olds. They are now pushing dangerous Genetically modified foods.

The defense industries in this country are drive purely on war money and have a HUGE amount of power in this country (why we are always at war.)

The medical industry found new ways to make money. Require parents to inject their kids with various cocktails of crap and call it a vacine. Then come up with terms like ADD and require parents to get drugs to treat it. Since 1995 the number of kinds on psychotropics drugs has increased more than 100%. If that doesn't bather you, know one day this generation that had its minds altered for profit will be in charge.

There's a reason why Giz and I haven't had our son vaccinated. There's no need for my child to take a chicken pox vaccine, we don't even know what effect it will have on our child as adults. My son WITHOUT all of these shots that our doctor is extremely adamant about him getting is more healthy then most other kids his age. Geee i wonder why....

As a country, especially those between the ages of 18-30 need to take a good hard look at what's going on and step upand do something. In Oklahoma a 19 year old boy was voted in a mayor of a city because like me we're tired of old people deciding my future (majority of voters are old senile fucks that need to be put down for their's and ours good). He was running against a 70 year old fart
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