You want my N80? Its from 2006.
I might sell it on ebay or give it to one of my sisters. Or keep it.

I was going to sell my iPod since the iPhone has the capability but I think it will be a drain on the battery.
So I will have to keep the iPod since I use music players a lot.

Looks like either a 16GB white iPhone, Nokia 5800, Storm or Bold, or a GI android.

Do I need a new phone? Probably not right now since the N80 offers everything I would NEED a phone to do.

I will only save $400 a year if I don't go on the iPhone (comparing my plans).
But if I do go on the iPhone, I get 'web 2.0', and an iPhone.
So it balances out.

In conclusion, we need better batteries, faster phones, faster internet, more storage, stronger phones.