Not sure who closed this topic, but it is a good one so I opened it back up.

There are 3 things in this world you can almost assure will bring an argument when talked about.

1.) Sex
2.) Religion
3.) Polotics

This happens to deal with the latter. Lets keep cool heads and disscuss this like we can.

I find the choices to be awful. This is however our(The american peoples)fault. It is possible that one of these independent parties will rise up. May I remind you about an old US political party which held much power, "The Wigs". They are no more so it is possible.

I think the Democratic party has gone to shit. It started out as a good idea, but now is backed by every sicko out there. Groups trying to leagalise petofilia go through the democratic party.

The republican party is best if you are a rich white person.

So I find myself stuck with having to find another party. I think most of middle america will soon see this as well. Look at what some of the Democrats are doing these days. Just fucking wrong. The republicans will run this planet into a new ice age, or masive heat increase. Mostly greed powers this party.

So we have The green party who will never be taken seriously.
The libritarian party, they have a better shot.

There is also the commusit party. Didn't work for Russia(True comunissim is awsome on paper but will never work in real life)

I would like to see a non career polotician get in for once. Someone who dosen't have to pay back any debts. But I know if that happened he would never get anything done. He would hit grid lock in congress. So I ask you all, what do you think will fix the system we have going here?
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