There is no point in voting for anyone else you idiot. You vote for someone else and kerry stands a chance to win... Any vote against Bush is a vote for Kerry...
In my state they say just the opposite, every vote for an independant is a vote for Bush. That Nader is just drawing votes from Kerry. They even have Republicans out getting signatures to get him on the ballot just to draw votes from Kerry. How is that for dirty pool?

The Lacy Peterson law opens doors for pro-lifers. That is why Kerry voted against it.

This whole pro-life/pro-choice situation bothers me. To me it seems that Democrates should be pro-life while republicans should be pro-choice. I mean Republicans want less government less taxes and people to take responsibility for thier actions. They are. They are choosing to take responsibility and terminate thier pregnancy instead of creating more of a burden on the state. While Democrates don't mind creating more taxes and governmental institutions to take care of the single mothers and welfare recipients.

Bush's education reform sucked. His healthcare reform (medicare/medicaid) is crappy too.

I do believe the voting for "lesser of two evils" is a misconception when they are both actually the same evil. Skull and Bones.

I'm going to vote for Bush so I can live to see WWIII
But actually if you think the economy is bad right now or even if you think it's good, just imagine when the war is over and all the soldiers come home and they need jobs too...