To have them be able to live with themselves later on, yes I would ductape my kid to a bed for 9 months.

And actually, the black people sold the black people to us, we didn't just go over to africa and threw them on a boat. People who do bad things are basically property to those theive fucked over in some countries... Then they get sold to white people, fed, beaten a little, and have a secure job and place to sleep...

My big beef with black people isn't so much that they where slaves... My beef with black people are those who shit and bitch about slavery when they where never directly effected; their ancestors where. That an the fact that some blakc people now are getting cash due to their ancestors being slaves...

Now, I may come off as an asshole on this topic, however... If you aren't the one who was a slave, why the fuck are we giving you cash for your ancestors being one? That's just another set of cash set aside for yet-another group of people too fucking lazy to get a job that could better be used for education.
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