Agreed, if you wheren't born here you don't qualify to run for president, wtf should you be able to drain our economy? They come here for "better chances of making a life", then they sit and drain up public resources because their too fuckin lazy to do anything but have sex and shoot people (I'm mainly talking California; have you ever BEEN to socal? Jesus Christ)...
I don't mind immigrants running for president, I mean, it doens't make much of a difference. What I think is stupid is that they don't even have to green cards to get welfare, I mean they're not even here legally, why are we paying them!? The problem with Cali is that so many people are on welfare that they outvote the minority (which happens to be the fuckin' rich white people).

I mean no offence here towards you; but if the choice is between a minor who has a place to live and a person on their own, in this economy, the minor can go fuck himself ...
Absolutely true. I just wish they'd stop acting all high and mighty saying that they're doing it to "protect us".

Couple points: I missed the part where African-Americans decided to come to this country. Oh wait, they didn't...
That was so long ago, the only reason it's an issue is because they're lazy. Don't get me wrong, I think any group that had an opportunity to bum money off people would do it, whether they're white, black or mexican.

One last thing, Gizmo, have you ever thought of getting your child (not sure if you have one, or if this is hypothetical) a chastity belt (the chick in Men in Tights wears one)
Those who say do not know.
Those who know do not say.