The death toll is expected to be in the thousands. Pluss if people keep doing shit like sniping people in hospitals it will get worse. You can expect to feel a finicial burden from this shortly. It is bad, I do not know if it is as bad as the Tsunami but it is more than a sensationalised story. It is truely anarcky down there. Gangs are forming and holding up people. Many who managed to survive held up in thier atic are having gangs roll up in boats, rob and rape. It will be years before the city recovers. You can bet the death toll is higher than 120. How high we many never know as there are bodies floating in the water.

It has been 3 days I think now. Soon that water will start to breed desease. Mosquitos will spread this fast. Look to hear about malaria if they do not get everyone out ASAP.
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