There are now confirmed reports of rapes inside the metrodome. They simpley do not have the resources to help all the people gathering in this area. It will get worse yet. It is kind of like the zombie movies. The sheer number is growing and it is getting scary.

Any time large groups of people gather who are starving, needing water and dying.... You will have out breakes of violence. It is a matter of survival down there. I heard a story today about a brother and sister. He shot her over a bag of ice. Shot her in the head.

They are dragging the dead and dying into corners of the metro-dome. There are about 30,000 people there alone inside This isn't counting all the people hanging around outside. There is no running water, trash is over flowing, toilets are of course out of order with no running water. Dead bodies in piles in the corner. Hear comes the illnesses and desease.

Rescue workers stoped boat rescues today saying FEMA ordered them to stop due to safety issues. Now FEMA says they didn't. But which is worse. Stranded on your roof, or in the metro-dome where gangs of thugs with guns rape your wife and daughters.

Home owners are shooting and killing people comeing near thier houses. When the national Guard DO arrive they will of course get some order there... But you can bet there will be gun battles.
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