You know who needs to fuck off? like 80% of the people out there who bought a pre-paid cellphone from cingular. these people are fucking morons!!! i'll ask for someone's first and last name and whjat do they give me? their WHOLE friggen social security number. or i'll ask for their cellphone number area code first and what do i get? their password for their voicemail.

what pisses me off even more are fucking foriegners who dont understand that i cant take their credit card that they got in FUCKING INDIA!!! what sucks even more on those calls is that i cant understand 95% of what they say even when i have them spell everything out!

damn good thing i'm morally honest since i deal with all the imformation one could ever dream of for fraud...
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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